Use of ‘Will and Shall’

The helping verbs “shall/will” are used with the main verbs in a future tense sentence to complete the meaning of the sentence. 

Will and Shall

“Will and Shall” is a future form of the verb, in general. “Shall” is used along with the pronouns “I and We”. “Will” is used along with pronouns like he, she, it, they, you, and other third person.

  • ‘Will’ – used with 1st, 2nd and 3rd person in a sentence, like ‘you, we, they, he, she, it, this, that’.
  • ‘Shall’ – used with the 1st and 3rd person in a sentence, like ‘I, we’ respectively.
use of will and shall


Sr no.SubjectHelping Verb
4)Proper Nounwill
10)Plural Nounwill
SubjectA form of beRest of Sentence
I / Weshall playFootball.
He / She / It / They / Youwill reada novel.

Examples of will and shall for Assertive sentences

  1. shall assure you that this is going to be very awesome.
  2. He will forgive his son for his mistake.
  3. You will go to the washroom.
  4. That will be your final position.
  5. Suhas will cover his car to protect it from dust.
  6. shall write a letter.
  7. They will abuse innocent people without any reason.
  8. We shall pull this damaged vehicle from the drainage.
  9. will play cricket with my friends.
  10. She will join their friends in a kitty party.

Examples of will and shall for Negative sentences

  1. She will not allow me here.
  2. They will not be able to follow the car in which their friend travels.
  3. shall not confess the guilt that I didn’t do.
  4. Her room will not be ready within a few hours.
  5. We shall not give him a chance to play.
  6. Your team will not qualify for the playoffs if you lose this match.
  7. The last benchers will not concentrate in the classroom.
  8. They will not be obsessed so much.
  9. Our class teacher will not allow us to attend the class as we are late.
  10. This will not be the actual amount.

Examples of will and shall for Interrogative sentences

  1. Will you be my soulmate for the rest of my life?
  2. Shall I join you all in the ceremony?
  3. Will she come to our kitty party?
  4. Shall I speak in Hindi in front of these dignitaries?
  5. Will they complete their task on time?
  6. Will she resign from the post of CEO?
  7. Will my wife serve you any drinks or snacks?
  8. Will you come to my bachelor’s party tonight?
  9. Will he play in the upcoming match?
  10. Will you marry my best friend?