Wh-type Question Words | Wh Question Words

Wh Question words are called Wh words because in such words, ‘Wh’ letters have existed, and these words are used to ask certain types of questions in sentences.

For example, What, How, etc.

Wh-questions Structure

  • Wh-word + main verb + object?– (When the auxiliary verb is absent)
  • Wh-word + auxiliary + subject + main verb + object?– (When the auxiliary verb is present)

Wh Question Words

wh-questions words


  • The word ‘What’ is used to ask something or ask for any information through a question.
  • It can also use for asking for the repetition of any word to reconfirm.


  1. What is your good name?
  2. What time did you say? I didn’t hear that.
  3. You did what? Say again.
  4. What are you talking about?
  5. What is the color of the dress he wears?


  • It is used to ask in something
  • To ask at what place or position something is placed.


  1. Where are they going?
  2. Where is her residence?
  3. Where did you go that day?
  4. Where is the cafeteria?
  5. Where is she coming from?


  • It is used for asking for any reason or cause.
  • The word ‘Why don’t’ is used for suggesting something.


  1. Why don’t you go for a ride?
  2. Why did you ask me about it?
  3. Why is he looking at me?
  4. Why don’t you help me last time?
  5. Why are you doing such a stupid thing?


  • It is used for asking the time in a sentence


  1. When will you go to the US?
  2. When did he come to my home?
  3. When are they leaving this place?
  4. When did we eat KFC last time?
  5. When will be the holidays start?


  • ‘Which’ is used for asking about the choice and likes of someone.


  1. Which one will you select for your kid?
  2. Which one is your favorite superstar?
  3. Which door will you want to open?
  4. Which one is your baby?
  5. Which building in the world is the highest one?


  • ‘Whose’ word is used for asking about the ownership.


  1. Whose pet is missing?
  2. Whose pencil is this?
  3. Whose answer is more correct?
  4. Whose picture do you like to watch?
  5. Whose performance is better?


  • ‘Whom’ is used to ask about ‘what’ or ‘which’ regarding person and place or object.


  1. Whom should we ask now?
  2. Whom did you meet last time?
  3. To whom are you going to ask?
  4. Whom do you know personally in this class?
  5.  From whom did you receive these flowers?


  • ‘Who’ word is used to ask for a person (subject in a sentence)


  1. Who is he?
  2. Who will win this game?
  3. Do you know who am I?
  4. Who told you this?
  5. Who wants to take a ride on this horse?


  • ‘How’ is used for asking about the period, condition, manner, process, or quality.


  1. How old are you?
  2. How many chocolates do we have?
  3. How dare you say that?
  4. How did you get my number?
  5. How long will it take to reach there?