List of Outdoor Games Name with Picture

Outdoor games and sports are exciting and good for physical fitness, which is played all over the world. It includes many outdoor sports and games played around the world and accepted by countries worldwide.

Outdoor Games

These games are played at the professional level and on a local level only for entertainment purposes. Playing outdoor games makes players mentally and physically fit and keeps them energetic. 

list of outdoor games name

Many of us check the list of game names and their pictures, images, rules, and play techniques on the internet. Many of us know many names of outdoor games, but we still don’t know many sports played openly.

Here we have covered many popular and regular outdoor sports and games in a list given below. Their details are given, which gives you the information regarding the game that helps you improve your knowledge. Some of these games are cricket, football, golf, etc.

Name of Outdoor Games List

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Baseball
  4. Boxing
  5. Volleyball
  6. Kabaddi
  7. Kho-Kho
  8. Fencing
  9. Golf
  10. Hockey
  11. Javelin Throw
  12. Marathon
  13. Judo
  14. Karate
  15. Tennis
  16. Trekking
  17. Swimming
  18. Lawn Tennis
  19. Wrestling
  20. Yoga
  21. Tug Of War
  22. Weightlifting
  23. Rugby
  24. Marco Polo
  25. Hurdles
  26. Surfing
  27. Obstacle Course Race
  28. Disc Golf
  29. Mini-Golf
  30. Archery
  31. Basketball
  32. Skateboarding
  33. Hide And Seek
  34. Running
  35. Dodgeball
  36. High Jumping
  37. Potato Sack Racing
  38. Hang Gliding
  39. Canoeing
  40. Capture The Flag
  41. Sailing
  42. Cycling
  43. Kite Flying
  44. Snow Skiing
  45. Drone Racing
  46. Adventure Racing
  47. Climbing
  48. Discus Throw
  49. Pole Vault

Details of Outdoor Games and Sports

  1. Cricket

The football game is famous worldwide, but it is not in India, because Indian fans like to watch Cricket and their favorite game is also Cricket. The cricket game is like a religion to Indian Cricket Fans. It is a game of bat and ball played between opponent teams, each having 11 players. There are so many rules in the game of Cricket. This game can be played in many formats like one day, test, T20, series, championships, etc.

  1. Football

The football game is a worldwide famous game which is very popular and watched by the fans, and it does not require any introductions. Eleven players in each team are playing to score a goal by the football that is being kicked and targeted towards the goal post. There are a lot of rules and penalties in this game.

  1. Baseball

The baseball game is also called the Game of Home runs as a striker tries to hit a ball out of the stadium to score a home run. A game played between two opposing teams where one is batting, and the other one is fielding. 

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is a famous international game which is also played between two opposing teams, each with six players. This game is mostly played in the winter seasons. It also plays with a lot of rules and is played worldwide. It is an outdoor sport with two teams, each trying to score points by grounding a ball to the other team’s court.

  1. Kabaddi

The Kabaddi game is a popular game played from ancient times and is also played worldwide. It has two opponent teams, each has seven players where one player raids in the opponent’s area and tries to touch the line, and the player then gets back to his own area without getting caught by the opponent’s team.

  1. Fencing

The Fencing game is an outdoor sports game that is played between two opposing players who fight individually. It is a martial sport which is played with full safety with a sword with many rules and regulations.

  1. Golf

Golf is a very well-known game played by high-class people because it is a game that is exclusively played with a lot of costly equipment. It is a game where a golf ball is put with a striker or putter and hit in a hole far away in a ground of different surfaces and grass.

  1. Hockey

The national sport of India is Hockey which is played outdoors and a famous game that is also played in the Olympics from years ago. A game that is played between two opposing teams each has ten players playing with a hockey stick and trying to hit the ball in a goalpost. 

  1. Javelin Throw

The javelin throw is a track and field sport in which the javelin rod is thrown away from the hitting point without disturbing the marked line, and it is also assumed that the rod hits the ground without being level with the ground.

  1. Marathon

A marathon is a long-distance foot sport of approximately 42.2 kilometers (26.38 mi) where participants run or walk to complete the race and are played outdoors.

  1. Karate

A game which is played under the Martial arts sports named Karate learned and played for self-defense. It is a game of different striking arts like kicking, punching, hitting, knee strikes, and blocking with elbows. This game is popular in Eastern countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, etc.

  1. Swimming

The Swimming game is an outdoor game played underwater where a player has to complete the race from one point to another point by swimming in it. It has various swimming styles that the players apply to pull the body in forwarding direction and leg motions. It is also a good exercise for body development.

  1. Wrestling

Wrestling is a combat sport that involves many fighting and defending moves like clinch fighting, throws, blocks, and takedowns of the opponent player. This game is played under many rules and observations.

  1. Trekking

Trekking is a sportive activity where players have to walk long distances and climb hills, mountains, boulders, rock hooping. This game is risky and also played under precautions and also is a game that is good for physical fitness and patience.

  1. Tug Of War

The Tug-of-War game is a group game played between two opposing teams, each has eight players at opposite ends of a huge rope, and both teams try to drag their opponent team towards them and to cross the centreline. It is a game test of strength, but mostly friction. 

  1. Weightlifting

Weightlifting is an outdoor sport where the athletes compete with others by lifting the barbell rod from ground to head, which is loaded with weight plates. One who lifts more weight wins the game without fouls.

  1. Rugby

The Rugby game is a game like a football or hockey to take the rugby ball towards the goal only the difference is that it has to be taken by holding with hands and running to the goalpost by saving oneself from the opponents.

  1. Hurdles

Hurdles is a game of athletics. Here, athletes have to run on a track where the obstacles called hurdles are placed between the track, and athletes have to jump on these hurdles without touching and finishing the track. This game has also been included in the list of Olympic games.

  1. Archery

Archery is a game of bow and arrow to be hit on a particular target from certain distances. The target has several colorful circles having points, and the center circle has a maximum number of points. This game is a modified game from ancient archery skills.

  1. Basketball

The basketball game is a popular physical sport that is mostly played in the US. This game is also popular in India and played on a professional and local level. A game where each opposing team has five players with great height and plays like shooting and defending.