Subject Pronoun: What is a Subject Pronoun & Examples

What is a Subject Pronoun

Subject Pronouns are such types of pronouns that are used as a subject in a sentence rather than the subjects in a sentence to refer to the action that happens in the object of the sentence. 

The Subject pronouns are categorized depending on the nature of the Subject, whether first person, second person, or third person, and in either singular or plural manner.

Mainly, there are seven subject pronouns that are used in the place of the subjects in a sentence that are given below,

  1. I
  2. We
  3. You
  4. He
  5. She
  6. It
  7. They
subject pronouns

Where ‘Who’ is also a subjective pronoun, but it is a questionnaire pronoun that is only used to enquire about the Subject or a person in a sentence. 

Subject Pronoun Examples

  1. have been working here as a Janitor for so long.
  2. She wants me to stop printing the newspapers.
  3. We are going on a trip to the mountain for trekking.
  4. You don’t have to panic anymore, we’ll take care of them.
  5. They are looking like little spacecraft from here.
  6. It is not in our plan, but we will make it happen.
  7. He had completed his assignments for the next day.
  8. Who is going to be the captain of this crew?