Double Preposition: Definition, Examples, and List

Double Preposition

A double preposition is a word that is made by the combination of two simple prepositions made into one word to make a whole new word. It connects two prepositional words in a sentence to connect nouns, pronouns, and phrases.

It is similar to the concept of a compound preposition with some basic differences such that a compound preposition is made by the combination of a simple preposition and a prepositional word while a double preposition is made by the combination of two simple prepositional words made into one word respectively.

  • Into, onto, inside, upon, up to, outside of, out of, without, within, from behind, because of, according to, from beneath, next to, etc. are some double prepositions. 
double preposition

Examples of Double Preposition in Sentences

  1. A beautiful car has parked outside the house.
  2. They are running out of fuel.
  3. A sweet sound that changed her totally came from within.
  4. The fame of our town is now dependent upon this player.
  5. The entire class was laughing throughout the lecture.
  6. The rest is up to you.
  7. The cat jumped onto the terrace.
  8. Once upon a time in New York, there was a huge dinosaur who lived here.
  9. He solved seven puzzles out of ten.
  10. She won the race just because of your support.
  11. He came out from behind the curtains.
  12. A thief climbed up onto the pipes.
  13. This act is not going to happen without him.
  14. The lion is inside the cage.
  15. The cops are trying to lock the prisoner into bars.
  16. This building will be destroyed within a few minutes.
  17. According to their reports, the rain will not come for some days.
  18. The launch of a spaceship has been delayed due to some technical errors.
  19. This operation will start before considering the reports.
  20. He grabbed me from behind in the classroom.

List of Double Prepositions

  • Outside of
  • Out of
  • Upon
  • Within
  • Inside
  • Without
  • Onto
  • From behind
  • Because of
  • Out of
  • Throughout
  • Up to
  • Before
  • Due to
  • According to
  • From beneath
  • Next to
  • From above

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