List of Prepositions

Before writing about the List of Prepositions, we have to know about the prepositions.

What is Preposition?

The preposition is a word that correlates between two different words or phrases, usually about the time or position. It places before the noun or a pronoun in a sentence that relates to the rest of the sentence and makes it meaningful by telling us what is exactly happening in the sentence.

In the English Language, there are various prepositional words, and each of these is used according to their use in a sentence.

There are certain varieties of the preposition, based on their use like,

prepositions list

Basic examples of prepositions

A] One-word Prepositions:

  1. Common Prepositions
  2. Seldom used Prepositions

B] Complex Prepositions:

  1. Prepositional Phrases
  2. Prepositions with verbs
  3. Prepositions with Idioms.

List of Prepositions

One word Common prepositions:

Common prepositions are those prepositional words that are used mostly in sentences.

Here is the list of some common prepositional words,

  • About, above, across, after, against, among, around, at
  • Before, behind, below, beside, between, by
  • Down, during
  • For, from
  • In, inside, into
  • Near
  • Of, off, on, out, over
  • Through, towards, to
  • Under, up
  • With


  1. About:
    • What about your health
    • We are about to reach our destination.
  2. Above:
    • An eagle is flying above the clouds.
    • The water level goes above the marking line due to heavy rainfall.
  3. Across:
    • There is a huge mountain across the river.
    • A baby is going across the road
  4. After:
    • We went home after the party was over.
    • I will go to sleep after 10 o’clock.
  5. Against:
    • What do you have against me?
    • The man is running against the train.
  6. Among:
    1. He is the eldest son among all.
    2. He is not comfortable sitting among us.
  7. Around:
    • We all are sitting around the table.
    • Her age was around 80.
  8. At:
    • We are at the party.
    • Come to my home at 8 o’clock.
  9. Before:
    • He came before any other.
    • The train was left before its time
  10. Behind:
    • He is doing something behind my house.
    • She is coming from behind.
  11. Below:
    • He is swimming below the surface.
    • I will not decrease its price below the cost price.
  12. Beside:
    • She lives beside this colony.
    • He was sitting beside my aunt.
  13. Between:
    • I will catch you between 1 to 4 PM.
    • He overtakes his bike between two trucks.
  14. By :
    • She was murdered by any sharp metal object.
    • We will provide you with the rest part by this evening.
  15. Down:
    • He fell down on the ground.
    • You go straight, then step down the hill and continue your walk.
  16. During
    • Nobody is allowed to go out during the lecture.
    • He was sleeping during the day.
  17. For:
    • Let us go out for a trek.
    • Smoking is bad for your health.
  18. From:
    • I wish her a happy new year from my side too.
    • He bought this shirt from supermart. 
  19. In:
    • He is working in this location.
    • We are in the zoo now.
  20. Inside:
    • The puppy is sitting inside the box.
    • I have some cash inside my pocket.
  21. Into:
    • Water turns into ice at 0-degree celsius.
    • Jayson cut the eraser into two and gave them one each.
  22. Near:
    • His office is just near my school.
    • She stands near the statue.
  23. Of:
    • She came to meet me at the end of the month.
    • I am in the middle of something.
  24. Off:
    • This shop is giving a 30% off sale on clothes.
    • Please take off your shirt.
  25. On:
    • We started our project on that site.
    • He is sitting on the table.
  26. Out:
    • He scored 79 marks out of 100 marks.
    • She is out of the world.
  27. Over:
    • That airplane is flying over the buildings.
    • The village is situated just over the mountain.
  28. Through:
    • The bullet is passing through this hole.
    • We had gone through bad situations.
  29. Towards:
    • She is looking towards me for the last hour.
    • He has some responsibilities towards his family.
  30. To:
    • You are coming to London.
    • This little girl waited for a long time to wish you personally.
  31. Under:
    • He knows how to swim under-water.
    • He escaped from the cops on a boat under the bridge.
  32. Up:
    • Jack and Jill both went up the hill.
    • He strikes a ball up the sky.
  33. With:
    • Are you coming with us?
    • I pulled her out with the help of this rope.

Seldom used Prepositions:

Seldom used prepositions are those prepositional words that are rarely used in sentences.

Here is the list of some seldom-used prepositional words,


  1. Aboard:
    • She climbed aboard the ship.
    • Welcome aboard this flight to Mumbai. 
  2. Along:
    • We traveled along with the boat in the Arabian Sea.
    • The bedroom is along with the kitchen.
  3. Amid:
    • She hadn’t listened to her amid the voice.
    • We were lost amidst the world cup this year.
  4. As:
    • My brother is working as a manager at this hotel.
    • Sugarcane is as sweet as sugar.
  5. Astride:
    • He sat astride the Terries.
    • She slept astride on the sofa.
  6. Alongside:
    • Their car is standing alongside our car.
    • My roll number is alongside my friend in the exam hall.
  7. Beneath:
    • She hides beneath the bed.
    • He stands beneath the building.
  8. Beyond:
    • This difficult stunt is beyond my limits.
    • Nobody can break the record beyond him.
  9. But:
    • Everyone was present, but my friend didn’t.
    • He agreed to work here, but he has certain conditions.
  10. Bar:
    • She stood on the table bar her friend did not.
    • I will come to the bar after 8 o’clock.
  11. Concerning:
    • Your parents came to my house, and they discussed with us concerning your sister’s marriage.
    • I want to make some changes because I am concerned about you.
  12. Considering:
    1. Considering the demand, I will increase production.
    2. This race is finished, considering the rules.
  13. Counting:
    • If we start counting now, it will take 2 hours to finish.
    • The net cash is only $20k after counting.
  14. Cum:
    • He invented a bicycle-cum-bike.
    • His mind is so sharp that he can sleep-cum-talk at the same time.
  15. Despite:
    • We went on a picnic despite any arrangement.
    • He finished the race despite filling petrol in it.
  16. Except:
    • You can purchase any other cell phone except Vivo. That is out of stock.
    • I will go anywhere for dinner except for this restaurant.
  17. Exclude:
    • The total amount is 470$, excluded taxes.
    • He attends every seminar excluding Sundays.
  18. Following:
    • The red t-shirt guy is following me.
    • Write down the following sentences.
  19. Given:
    • She has given all her money to the kidnapper already.
    • All students will have to finish their paper at a given time.
  20. Gone:
    • Let us go now; some of them have already gone away.
    • Your turn is gone earlier; now, it is my turn.
  21. Including:
    • We provide you with special treatment in our hotel, including VIP services.
  22. Like:
    • His behavior is like his brother.
    • I want a refreshing juice like Lemon soda.
  23. Less:
    • Its qualities are less than the previous one.
    • 100 less 20 equals 80.
  24. Minus:
    • Today’s temperature is minus 12 degrees Celsius.
    • Eighty minus ten equals’ seventy.
  25. Next:
    • The next candidate is absent.
    • Call the cops standing next to you.
  26. Notwithstanding:
    • Notwithstanding the quality, I refuse to buy it.
    • The hot iron is notwithstanding the strokes of the hammer.
  27. Onto:
    • He jumped onto the trampoline from Terries.
    • The dog jumped onto the fence.
  28. Opposite:
    • Opposite poles of a magnet repel each other.
    • She sat opposite my seat on the bus.
  29. Outside:
    • He has not escaped outside the city.
    • The hot lava came outside from volcanoes.
  30. Past:
    • The time half-past ten.
    • After an accident, I forgot my past memories.
  31. Per:
    • His vehicle runs at a speed of 120 miles per hour.
    • She charges $50 per photo.
  32. Plus:
    • Twenty-five plus seven equals thirty-two.
    • We won the match, and this is our plus point for qualifying for the finals.
  33. Pro:
    • This phone is a pro version of my old phone.
    • We are playing a pro league match in this tournament.
  34. Pending:
    • My payment is still pending.
    • She had completed all her pending works on this holiday.
  35. Regarding:
    • I will discuss this with the management regarding your promotion.
    • Regarding this situation, I purchased a new machine for our work.
  36. Round:
    • He stands outside the 30 yards round.
    • The bullet motions round, not straight.
  37. Respecting:
    • I am talking too politely with you respecting your age.
    • Are you still respecting your teachers?
  38. Save:
    • We all present here because he saves all of us at that moment.
    • The superhero is always ready to save the world.
  39. Since:
    • We have been friends since 1980.
    • The museum had been closed since 1800 AD.
  40. Than:
    • My brother is stronger than his brother.
    • I have an expensive toy car than anyone.
  41. Till:
    • The shop will open till Saturday.
  42. Throughout:
    • We have done nothing throughout the day.
  43. Touching:
    • He still starts his morning touching his parents’ feet.
    • Your voice is touching my soul.
  44. Underneath:
    • The money is hidden underneath the cushion.
    • The transformer is fixed underneath the poles.
  45. Upon:
    • The spaceship needs extra force to go upon the earth.
    • An author has started writing a book upon his struggle.
  46. Until:
    • You have to wait until I come.
    • The match will be continued until one loses.
  47. Unlike:
    • You have so many, unlike characteristics.
    • He is working hard, unlike his younger brother.
  48. Versus:
    • The match of David versus Jayul will start on time.
    • You have to select Range Rover versus Land Rover.
  49. Via:
    • This ship travels to South Africa via Cambodia.
    • The International flight to Dubai ready to take off from Chennai, taking a route via Delhi.
  50. Within:
    • Accessories also come within the box.
    • We are taking off our jet within two minutes.
  51. Without:
    • I wore this blazer without a waistcoat inside.
    • Please do not leave without eating food.
  52. Worth
    • I bought an Apple iPhone X worth USD 2565$ only.
    • Your good behavior is worth it.

Complex Prepositions or Prepositional phrases:

A complex preposition is a combination of two words. It may be a combination of

  • a preposition and a phrase, Prepositional Phrases:
  • A preposition and a verb, Prepositions with verbs:
  • preposition with an idiom, Prepositions with Idioms, respectively.


Here is a list of complex prepositions,

  1. According to:
    • According to my father, I don’t know how to eat.
  2. Ahead of:
    • She was seated ahead of my seat on the bus.
  3. Along with:
    • Have some biscuits or snacks along with Tea.
  4. Apart from:
    • He has parked his car apart from his house.
  5. As for:
    • As for me, this one is outstanding.
  6. Aside from:
    • We have another day aside from this evening.
  7. As per:
    • The exam will start on time as per the rules.
  8. As well as:
    • He read as well as writing at the same time.
  9. Away from:
    • The thief ran away from the cops and escaped.
  10. Because of:
    • We failed to enjoy it because of the poor weather.
  11. But for:
    • Usually, I refused to work with him, but for you, I agreed.
  12. By means of:
    • You can climb the mountain by means of ropes.
  13. Close to:
    • Your vehicle stands very close to my car.
  14. Contrary to:
    • Contrary to desires, he failed the competitive exam.
  15. Depending on:
    • We will go for a picnic by bus, depending on the strength.
  16. Due to:
    • Due to the rain, the match was delayed.
  17. Except for:
    • All are present at the party except for Shong, 
  18. Forward of:
    • He is driving his vehicle just forward of our vehicle.
  19. Further to:
    • Further to this topic, I have to talk with your guardian. 
  20. In addition to:
    • There are a total of twelve players in addition to me in the team.
  21. In the face of:
    • He looks at me like a stranger in the face of a big question mark for him.
  22. In favor of:
    • All members are in favor of this decision.
  23. In between:
    • His bike is in between the two-sport cars.
  24. In front of:
    • No one will stand in front of the door.
  25. In spite of:
    • We chose these curtains in spite of those ones.
  26. Instead of:
    • He went on the road by walking instead of a car.
  27. In view of:
    • In view of the celebration, we have decided to stay here.
  28. Irrespective of:
    • Don’t try to judge me irrespective of my behavior.
  29. Near to:
    • There is a workshop near to my school.
  30. Next to:
    • His roll number is next to my seat in the hall.
  31. On account of:
    • We are going to announce a holiday on account of the boss’s wedding celebration.
  32. On behalf of:
    • You are appointed here on behalf of your colleague.
  33. On top of:
    • We are sitting on top of the building.
  34. Opposite to:
    • Your friend is standing opposite to the music system.
  35. Other than:
    • You can order anything other than Tequila.
  36. Out of:
    • Pick one cloth out of these ones.
  37. Outside of:
    • Throw the ball outside of the stadium.
  38. Owing to:
    • We can afford one AC owing to the monthly income.
  39. Preparatory to:
    • We made a presentation preparatory to the seminar.
  40. Prior to:
    • He never dares to go to the basement prior to living in the hostel.
  41. Regardless of:
    • I won’t help you, regardless of our relationship, even if you pay for help.
  42. Save for:
    • This is money that I have saved for a long time.
  43. Thanks to:
    • We are in good condition, thanks to our Manager for his kindness.
  44. Together with:
    • He would like to have some water together with the whiskey.
  45. Up against:
    • China is fighting back up against the powerful nation of America.
  46. Up to:
    • I will work in this building for up to ten years.
  47. Up until:
    • We played up until they lost the game.
  48. With regard to:
    • We would like to speak about your father with regard to his bravery in the Army.
  49. With reference to:
    • With reference to your mail, I’m sending you the details of our company.
list of prepositions