Simple Preposition: Definition, Examples, and List


The simple preposition is just short words that are used to define a relation between nouns and pronouns, or even connect two parts of speeches, clauses, or sentences. 

The simple prepositions are little words that are used in simple sentences. This makes a sentence simple to understand easily. Sometimes, more than two simple prepositions are used in a sentence.

Examples: At, by, as, but, for, from, in, into, than, of, off, on, out, over, till, to, up, upon, with, under, down, etc. are some simple preposition words.

simple preposition

Examples of simple prepositions:

  1. I am not coming with you all.
  2. Mom is working in the kitchen.
  3. He’ll be late for his flight.
  4. She is sleeping on the sofa.
  5. The acting of an actor was so good.
  6. The Eiffel tower is in Paris.
  7. He hides a treasure under a tree.
  8. My office is just by the next street.
  9. She left school in 2020.
  10. He went to bed earlier tonight.
  11. They finished their match in just 30 minutes.
  12. He went to the hospital for treatment.
  13. Be careful with the spikes of a tree.
  14. You have to be proud of yourself for not giving up.
  15. They were successful in doing business.
  16. Get me out of this situation at any cost.
  17. We did a lot of shopping during the sales offer.
  18. I always try to be polite in front of people.
  19. You have to worried about your job.
  20. I don’t agree with you.

List of Simple Prepositions:

  • At
  • By
  • As
  • But
  • From
  • For
  • Into
  • In
  • Than
  • Of
  • Off
  • On
  • Out
  • Over
  • Till
  • To
  • Up
  • Upon
  • With
  • Under
  • Down