Compound Preposition: Definition, Examples, and list

Compound Preposition

A preposition that contains two or more prepositional words is called a compound preposition. Also, we can say it is a combination of words. 

Compound prepositions are established by connecting the preposition words in a sentence before the noun, pronoun, adjective, and adverb.

Moreover, a compound preposition is prepared through the conjunction of a prepositional or a non-propositional word and a simple preposition word that is used with a noun, adjective, or adverb, respectively.

Examples: About, across, along, beyond, besides, outside, According to, aside from, because of, as of, next to, on account of, apart from, but for, close to, depending on, due to, in between, in case of, etc., are some compound prepositions.

compound preposition

Examples of Compound Prepositions are in Sentences

  1. The examination dates have been postponed because of the strike.
  2. His car is parked in front of my house.
  3. The behaviour of this patient is far from normal.
  4. I can not stay here as of now.
  5. Joseph was never close to his parents.
  6. This theory is wrong according to his philosophy.
  7. She was upset because of her daughter’s behaviour.
  8. The match was delayed due to rain.
  9. This dog is sitting next to me for one hour.
  10. The country has subdivided because of politicians.
  11. All I got in return for my hard-earned money has turned into a piece of junk.
  12. I found his name on top of the list.
  13. We will inform you later depending on the situation.
  14. She always talks about her father.
  15. There is no difference between these two sheets.
  16. The boy swims across the river.
  17. There is nothing left inside the container.
  18. The principal sat beside his college professor in the auditorium.
  19. The van is stopped in front of the hospital.
  20. You have to leave your position in case of any change in the plan.

List of Compound Prepositions

  • According to
  • As to
  • Onto
  • Across
  • After
  • Beyond
  • Without 
  • Opposite to
  • Away from
  • Aside from
  • In favor of
  • In front of
  • Because of
  • As for
  • Near to
  • Behind
  • Along
  • Outside
  • On account of
  • On behalf of
  • But for
  • Ahead of
  • Close to
  • Despite 
  • Depending on
  • Due to
  • In addition to
  • Next to
  • In between
  • In case of
  • Owing to
  • Along with
  • Around
  • Between
  • Apart from
  • In return for
  • Out of
  • Instead of
  • Outside of
  • Other than
  • Together with
  • Up to
  • Above
  • About

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