What is Correlative Conjunction? Examples and List

What is correlative conjunction?

A correlative conjunction is a type of conjunction of a couple of words that correlate two words, two phrases, or two clauses that are used in a sentence. This conjunction is used in pairs, so it is also known as paired conjunctions. It also connects a complete sentence with another one, which shows the bond of ideas of two different sentences.

Correlative conjunction has the possibility of joining two distinctive words, phrases, or clauses. Joining three distinctive words is grammatically inaccurate. While using the correlative conjunctions, the word or word group must be in a parallel sequence having a grammatical form. Also, the verb is agreed with the subject of the sentence.

  • Not only..but also, either..or, not..but, neither..nor, such..that, the more…the more, no sooner..than, whether..or, both..and, so..as, scarcely had..when, rather..than, as..as, hardly..had, so..that, etc. are correlative conjunctions.
correlative conjunction

Examples of correlative conjunctions are sentences

  1. Either we go outside for a hangout, or we can start enjoying ourselves at home.
  2. He is not only good at boxing but also a good athlete.
  3. Either you can join us or else study at home.
  4. Not only the burgers but also the fries and pizzas are available here.
  5. The height of your brother is so long that his head touches the fan.
  6. You are neither sitting properly nor concentrating in the classroom.
  7. Their play was liked so much by the audience that the applause was much louder.
  8.  He cracked not only the entrance exam but also got placed on his first attempt.
  9. She cooked both the dishes and served them on the table very soon.
  10. The more you go deep, the more you breathe less oxygen.
  11. The more you study, the more knowledge you gain.
  12. No sooner had the spaceship launched than the entire staff stars cheering.
  13. Whether you come tonight to the party or you go for your night shifts.
  14. His sister is so talented that she got the first rank in the exam.
  15. I have known my uncle for so long when he works as a lecturer.
  16. Scarcely had the program ended when we reached there.
  17. The car is so parked as it was here for the past few months.
  18. The driver neither sleeps nor stopped his vehicle at night.
  19. You take either a bus or a taxi to reach the destination.
  20. He just took his bike from the garage as I did in my childhood.

List of correlative conjunctions:

  • Not only..but also
  • Either..or
  • Not..but
  • Neither..nor
  • Such..that
  • The more…the more
  • No sooner..than
  • Whether..or
  • Both..and
  • So..as
  • Scarcely had..when
  • Rather..than
  • As much..as
  • Hardly..had
  • So..that
  • Just..as
  • If..then
  • What with..and
  • As..as