Dog Body Parts Name with Pictures

Every living being on earth has been made with the anatomy of the body. Like all, dogs are also one of the popular human-friendly pet animals. There are many different body parts and pieces that are useful to recognize that the dog is he or she. Canine anatomy or dog anatomy has similarities in variety compared with other animal (male dog) species or mammals (female dog). 

Dog Body Parts

Like an adult dog, a puppy also has all parts, including bones, muscles, and tendons, from birth. As they grow bigger, the size of their parts increases, but there is no change in number. 

Here, on this page, we are covering all the body parts of a dog. If you want to get knowledge on it, you will now have the opportunity to learn the various aspects of a dog.

parts of a dog

List of Dog Body Parts Name

  1. Abdomen
  2. Back
  3. Cheek
  4. Chest
  5. Claw
  6. Crest
  7. Dewclaw
  8. Ear
  9. Elbow
  10. Eye
  11. Eyebrow
  12. Flew (Lip)
  13. Forearm
  14. Front Pastern
  15. Hindfoot
  16. Hock
  17. Loan
  18. Mouth
  19. Muzzle
  20. Nails
  21. Nape
  22. Neck
  23. Nose
  24. Occiput
  25. Pads
  26. Pastern
  27. Paw
  28. Prostemum
  29. Rear pastern
  30. Rump (croup)
  31. Set
  32. Shoulder
  33. Stifle (Knee)
  34. Stop
  35. Tail
  36. Thigh
  37. Throat
  38. Toes
  39. Tongue
  40. Top skull
  41. Underjaw
  42. upper arm
  43. Whiskers
  44. Withers
  45. Wrist

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