Linking Verb: Definition, Examples, Sentences, and List

Linking Verb

The linking verb is a verb used to represent a subject by connecting it to a predicate adjective, and also it shows several links between the subject and the object in a sentence. It does not show any actions and is called the state of being type verbs.

The verbs from the be form are called the linking verbs, which contain the five senses too.

linking verb

For examples

  • Are, am, is, was, were, etc.
  • Feel, smell, taste, hear, look, respectively.

Examples of Linking Verbs are in Sentences

  1. They all are hunting in the forest.
  2. This student sounds crazy among the whole class.
  3. am Robert Downey, Junior.
  4. The sky appears blue after the rain.
  5. He was working in the hospital.
  6. The perfume smells so attractive.
  7. They were not allowed updated 
  8. They are cooking food for the evening’s program.
  9. The smell of the water is like this.
  10. The sound of the horn of a car is listenable.
  11. The pollution from vehicles is dangerous.
  12. The taste of the mango pickle is sour.
  13. He shall be waiting for the bus near the bus-stand.
  14. It smells very delicious from the kitchen.
  15. She seems very tired today.
  16. We were the cricket champions for the past few years.
  17. The task remains incomplete after four days of work.
  18. He feels sick during the lectures.
  19. The sculpture looks gigantic.
  20. The principal’s words are absolutely correct.

List of linking Verbs

  1. Be
  2. Being
  3. Am
  4. Is
  5. Are
  6. Was
  7. Were
  8. Shall be
  9. Will be
  10. Smell
  11. Taste
  12. Sound
  13. Seem
  14. Remain
  15. Look
  16. Grow
  17. Feel
  18. Become
  19. Appear
  20. Prove
  21. Should be
  22. Would be
  23. Can be
  24. Could be
  25. Has been
  26. Have been
  27. Had been
  28. Shall have been
  29. Will have been
  30. Should have been
  31. Would have been
  32. Could have been

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