10 New Words in English with Meaning

Important new words in English with meaning! New vocabulary words! Every year new words are added to the English dictionary. We need to know which words are added.

There are a lot of words in the English language that sometimes we’ve seen in any conversation. Sometimes, we are familiar with certain words by understanding the meaning of that word along with the sentence, and sometimes we don’t understand their meanings.

Important Words with Meaning

Here, in this topic, we have covered the important ten difficult words with their meanings and the example sentences referred from dictionaries.

10 New Words in English with meaning

Beguile (verbnoun)

Synonyms: influence, deceive, exploit, betray, manipulate, lure, entertain
Antonyms: be honest, disenchant, offer, give
Meaning: to influence someone in a deceptive way; to charm or divert; to attract or delight as if by magic;

Games are usually used to beguile small children.
He beguiles me into signing this contract.

Cognizant (adjective)

Synonyms: alive, apprehensive, awareness, conscious, mindful
Antonyms: careless, heedless, mindless, incautious, unguarded
Meaning: having specified facts or feelings actively impressed on the mind

We are cognizant of the problem.
Be cognizant of the freedom of choice of individuals.

Colonel (noun)

Synonyms: commander, officer, captain, sergeant
Antonyms: soldier
Meaning: a commissioned officer in the army, air force, or marine corps ranking above lieutenant colonel; a minor titular official of a state in the US;

The colonel led a successful raid against a rebel base.
He was promoted to the rank of colonel.

Decimation (verb, adjective, noun)

Synonyms: massacre, slaughter, extermination, devastation, termination
Antonyms: construction, life, engineering, resurrection, demolishment
Meaning: to select the lot and kill every tenth people; killing a large part of the population;

The first and the second are completed, now the third decimation began.
The government is going to take a step for decimation.

Disparate (adjective, verb)

Synonyms: disparity, separate, diverse, miscellaneous
Antonyms: similar, same, analogous, realistic, natural
Meaning: of a fundamentally different or distinct kind; including markedly dissimilar elements;

They inhabit themselves in the desperate world of thoughts.
It’s totally disparate from what I was told to do.

Impetuous (adjective)

Synonyms: abrupt, impulsive, rash, sudden, unexpected, precipitate
Antonyms: thoughtful, careful, considerate, calm, sensible
Meaning: characterized by undue haste and lack of thought; marked by rash and violent force; 

It would be foolish and impetuous to resign over such a small matter.
He was young and impetuous when he took that decision.

Inviolate (adjective)

Synonyms: whole, pure, unbroken, entire, sacred, mature, perfect
Antonyms: slut, injured, altered, foul, knackered, broken
Meaning: something that must be kept scared; having a hymen unbroken;

Their privacy always remained inviolate.
The constitution proclaims that public property shall be inviolate.

Magisterial (adjective)

Synonyms: autocratic, distinguished, grand, peremptory, imperious, bossy
Antonyms: electable, undignified, non-governmental
Meaning: of relating to a magistrate; offensively self-assured; someone who exercises unwarranted power; use of a person’s appearance or behavior;

Magisterial permission is necessary for any public functions and gathering.
The colonel’s somewhat in a magisterial manner.

Unabashed (adjective, verb)

Synonyms: unembarrassed, shameless, bold, barefaced, unblushing
Antonyms: shameful, embarrassed, coward, guilty
Meaning: not embarrassed; to lose one’s composure; 

He seems unabashed by his recent defeat from his opponent.
His trousers fell down, but he appeared quite unabashed in front of them.

Untoward (adjective)

Synonyms: unfortunate, adverse, unlucky, indecent
Antonyms: happy, good, beautiful, fortunate, suitable, auspicious
Meaning: to be inconvenient; not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right; contrary to your interests;

He had noticed nothing untoward there.
I’ll come tomorrow if nothing untoward happens.