Using of Not only…But also Rules and Examples

When to use Not only…But also in a sentence?

Not only…but also to be used when we have to connect or feature two phrases, two words of the same sentence.

If there is a goal to achieve parallelism between two people, place, object, things, ideas, or else found in a sentence. Then correlative conjunction follows both the following parts that belong to the same part of speech. It means, if the verb follows the word not only, then but also has to be followed by the verb.

Rule of using Not only…but also in a sentence:

With nouns,
Sub + verb + not only + Noun + but also + Noun

With adverbs,
Sub + verb + not only + Adverb + but also + Adverb

With adjectives,
Sub + verb + not only + Adjective + but also + Adjective

With verbs,
Subject + Not only + verb + but also + verb

Used at the beginning of the sentence,
Not only + (V/Adj/Adv/Noun) + but (pronoun) also + (V/Adj/Adv/Noun) + verb + object.

not only but also

Examples of Not only…But also:

  1. He is not only good at dancing but also good at playing football.
  2. We are not only going to Paris but also to Germany.
  3. They are not only planned for coming but also planned for staying here.
  4. An eagle is not only a good predator but also good at flying high.
  5. She is not only fair but also beautiful.
  6. They play not only football but also cricket.
  7. He is not only a professor but also a HOD.
  8. We are not only citizens but also the rulers of this country.
  9. Albert Einstein was not only a scientist but also a professor.
  10. He is not only an actor but also a director of the movie.
  11. He is not only a chef but also a manager of this restaurant.
  12. She speaks not only Latin but also Madrid.
  13. The kidnapper not only kidnapped the kid but also asked for a kidnapping amount.
  14. They not only participated in the tournament but also achieved first place.
  15. She not only cut down the vegetables but also cooked them.
  16. He not only writes a script but also writes the dialogues for movies.
  17. Not only he but also she is planning to participate in the event.
  18. She is not only beautiful but also clever.
  19. Not only men but women also have the right to vote.
  20. Thomas is not only a rider but also a professional stuntman.
  21. Jack works not only for him but also for his entire family.
  22. He spends money not only on James but also on Sera.
  23. She is not only a dancer but also a well-known singer.
  24. Not only men are responsible but women also responsible for this mistake.
  25. James writes not only correctly but also neatly.