Use of Would and Could with an example

How to use would in a sentence

The word would is a helping verb in the parts of speech, as it helps to make or write a strong and meaningful sentence.

Use of Would for real conditions

The word would be used for unreal or imagined situations. Such conditions are given below.

For example:

  1. I would love to join you guys.
  2. They would like to play for their country.
  3. We would come to your wedding, but we are too busy with this mess.

Use of Would as a past tense

The words would and wouldn’t are the past forms of the words will and won’t. It is also used in the parts of speech.

For example:

  • Andrew says, “I will come soon”. (Direct)

    Andrew said that he would come soon. (Indirect)

Use of Would in conditional sentences

In conditional statements like unreal or hypothetical situations, the word Would be used as the 2nd and 3rd conditionals.

For examples:

  1. If I won the battle, I would start the training academy.
  2. If I had found that treasure, I would have distributed that among the people.

Use of Would not (Wouldn’t) as to refuse something

The word Would not (Wouldn’t) is used in sentence examples to express someone who refused to do something.

For example:

  • I asked him if he wants to join us then he can join us, but he wouldn’t agree to join us.

Use of Would to represent past actions:

The word “Would” can be used to represent the repeated actions that have happened in the past. We can use the same context of Would as used to in a sentence.

For example:

  1. When I was young I would go to the farmlands to work with my father.
  2. In the winters, we would go jogging in the early mornings.

Examples of would, used in a sentence

  1. He would come with you, but he has his car.
  2. She would forget about what her professor said.
  3. I wouldn’t know how to fix this.
  4. They would help us but they have their problems to sort.
  5. It would be so cold in here if we didn’t have a room heater here.
  6. He would have some idea to take us out of this situation.
  7. She would know how to cook that delicious dish.
  8. Would you like to join us at the party?
  9. Would you please come and sit on the first bench?
  10. What would you like to have?

How to use Could in a sentence

The word could is a past form of Can, which is used in the sentence of having past tenses. A word could not be used in positive statements because it describes the possibilities and one-time ability.

Examples of could, used in a sentence:

  1. What could you do in your free time?
  2. I wish I could not be able to fail the examinations.
  3. How could you do this to me?
  4. How could he find out the treasure?
  5. I never imagined I could do such things.
  6. I already know that I could not live.
  7. Could I drive your car? Asked Anthony.
  8. I could not help you with this condition.
  9. Maybe we could get a job after giving this interview.
  10. The examiners could not believe that he performed so well.

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