Examples of a Sentence with Subject and Predicate

In the English language, a sentence always contains two fundamental parts that make a sentence complete, a Subject and a Predicate.

If any of the sentences does not contain anyone among the subject and the predicate, then that sentence is not considered as a complete sentence in English Grammar.

What is the subject in a sentence?

A subject of a sentence may be a person, thing, or else that is doing the action or which a sentence is focused on.

The subject is either a word or group of words that perform some action or doing something. It may be a noun or a pronoun that satisfies the needs of a subject.

What is a predicate?

The predicate is the rest part of a sentence that modifies a subject, or it shows what a subject is acting. A predicate is also called the object of a sentence.

Examples of subject and predicate/object

We have put the subject are in bold

  1. The horse likes eating grass.
  2. Your phone is ringing continuously.
  3. The bee is sucking the juice from the flower.
  4. A big, dangerous tiger attacked his prey and killed him instantly.
  5. His uncle will retire after eight years.
  6. A lazy dog is sleeping all day at one corner of the home.
  7. An umbrella has broken from the middle.
  8. A peacock is dancing in the rain.
  9. A boy is looking to hide himself during the rain.
  10. The router has not been functioning for the past few days.
  11. The laptop is placed on the table for charging.
  12. A thief jumped and left from the bungalow.
  13. He hits his car with a pole while parking.
  14. Stark Industries raised their profits during pandemics.
  15. Japan is known as the technology hub of the world.
  16. Dubai is known for its infrastructure across the globe.
  17. Jonathan is feeling tired and wants to sleep. 
  18. My mother cooks breakfast for all.
  19. The milk is very good for a healthy body.
  20.  Both are participating in this event.