50 Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech

Here you find list of 50 examples of direct and indirect speech.

examples of direct and indirect speech

Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech

Sr NoDirect SpeechIndirect Speech
1.“I am tired,” said Jane.Jane said that she was tired.
2.“Can you please pass the salt?” asked Mark.Mark asked if I could please pass the salt.
3.“I love playing the guitar,” said Sam.Sam said that he loved playing the guitar.
4.“What time is the movie?” asked Sarah.Sarah asked what time the movie was.
5.“I want to go to the park,” said Emily.Emily said that she wanted to go to the park.
6.“I will be there in five minutes,” said John.John said that he would be there in five minutes.
7.“The concert was amazing!” exclaimed Lisa.Lisa exclaimed with excitement that the concert was amazing.
8.“I don’t like broccoli,” said Tom.Tom said that he didn’t like broccoli.
9.“I have a headache,” complained Alex.Alex complained of having a headache.
10.“I won the race!” shouted Mike.Mike shouted that he had won the race.
11.“Let’s go out for dinner,” suggested Anna.Anna suggested going out for dinner.
12.“I’m sorry for being late,” apologized Peter.Peter apologized for being late.
13.“I can’t wait for the weekend,” said Rachel.Rachel said that she couldn’t wait for the weekend.
14.“The weather is so hot today,” commented David.David commented that the weather was so hot that day.
15.“I enjoy reading books,” said Emma.Emma said that she enjoyed reading books.
16.“Could you help me with this math problem?” asked Kevin.Kevin asked if I could help him with that math problem.
17.“I’m going to the beach tomorrow,” announced Megan.Megan announced that she was going to the beach the next day.
18.“I don’t know the answer,” admitted Jack.Jack admitted that he didn’t know the answer.
19.“I’ll call you later,” promised Lily.Lily promised to call me later.
20.“I lost my keys,” said Alex.Alex said that he had lost his keys.
21.John said, “I am going to the store.”John said that he was going to the store.
22.Sarah exclaimed, “What a beautiful day!”Sarah exclaimed that it was a beautiful day.
23.Tom asked, “Can you pass me the salt?”Tom asked if I could pass him the salt.
24.Mary shouted, “I won the lottery!”Mary shouted that she had won the lottery.
25.The teacher said, “Please complete the assignment by tomorrow.”The teacher said to complete the assignment by the next day.
26.Peter whispered, “I have a secret.”Peter whispered that he had a secret.
27.Lisa declared, “I want to be an astronaut.”Lisa declared that she wanted to be an astronaut.
28.David stated, “I love chocolate ice cream.”David stated that he loved chocolate ice cream.
29.The coach shouted, “Run faster!”The coach shouted to run faster.
30.Jane asked, “Do you like pizza?”Jane asked if I liked pizza.
31.“I don’t want to go,” she said.She said she didn’t want to go.
32.“Have you seen my keys?” he asked.He asked if I had seen his keys.
33.“I will call you later,” he promised.He promised that he would call me later.
34.“I’m sorry for being late,” she apologized.She apologized for being late.
35.“Let’s go to the park,” they suggested.They suggested going to the park.
36.“I can’t believe you did that,” he exclaimed.He exclaimed that he couldn’t believe I did that.
37.“I’m so tired,” she yawned.She yawned, saying that she was so tired.
38.“What time is the meeting?” he inquired.He inquired about the time of the meeting.
39.“I’ll meet you at the restaurant,” she confirmed.She confirmed that she would meet me at the restaurant.
40.“I saw a shooting star,” he told them.He told them that he had seen a shooting st
41.“I love you,” he whispered.He whispered that he loved her.
42.“I hate broccoli,” she admitted.She admitted that she hated broccoli.
43.“I didn’t study for the test,” he confessed.He confessed that he hadn’t studied for the test.
44.“I’m scared of spiders,” she admitted.She admitted that she was scared of spiders.
45.“I can’t swim,” he confessed.He confessed that he couldn’t swim.
46.“I want a new car,” she declared.She declared that she wanted a new car.
47.“I’m really excited about the trip,” he said.He said that he was really excited about the trip.
48.“I’m not feeling well today,” she complained.She complained that she wasn’t feeling well that day.
49.“I won the race,” he boasted.He boasted that he had won the race.
50.“I’m sorry for breaking your vase,” she apologized.She apologized for breaking my vase.