Sequence Connectors: Definition, Examples, and List

The sequence connectors are the words in the English language that are used to connect views, ideas from one sentence to another sentence and are used to provide paragraph attachment.

Also, it connects the linking words, some conjunctions which are related to the sequence connectors.

sequence connectors

Examples of Sequence Connectors in Sentences

  1. First of all:
    First of all, I’d like to introduce myself in front of you all.
  2. As soon as:
    As soon as I got up in the morning, I started checking my phone.
  3. Next:
    The passenger seated next to me has drunk.
  4. Then:
    Complete your homework, then only I will give you dinner.
  5. In conclusion:
    In conclusion, each player has some drawbacks while playing the game.
  6. Finally: 
    Finally, I got admission to Oxford University.
  7. Furthermore: 
    Playing outdoor games makes your body fit, furthermore, it also enhances your stamina.
  8. At last:
    At last, the program came to an end with the speech of the principal.
  9. Besides: 
    Besides the tennis game, he also loves swimming.
  10. In the end:
    The entire movie’s story was so good, but in the end, the actor was not alive.
  11. In addition:
    The driver is driving a bus; in addition, a conductor is advising him by the side.
  12. Moreover: 
    Samuel is studying in college, moreover, he works part-time for his pocket money.
  13. Finally: 
    Finally, the spaceship has been launched successfully.
  14. Before: 
    Before the arrival of the warden, we have to reach our rooms.
  15. Fourth:
    She ranked fourth in her college in the final exams.
  16. To conclude:
    To conclude, he made the results by himself and submitted them in the professor’s cabin.
  17. First of all:
    First of all, I would like to invite the honorable chief guest of today’s program.
  18. A final point:
    All the street racers meet each other at a final point to declare the winner of the race,
  19. At last:
    At last, the winning trophy has been awarded to the captain of the team.,
  20. Last but not least:
    Last but not least, the match between RR versus JB is starting within a few minutes.

List of Sequence Connectors

  • A final point
  • After
  • All in all
  • Another
  • As soon as
  • At last
  • At the end
  • At the first
  • At this point
  • Before
  • Eventually
  • Finally
  • First
  • First of all
  • Firstly
  • For a start
  • Fourth
  • Further
  • Furthermore
  • In addition
  • In conclusion
  • In short
  • In the end
  • In the first place
  • Last but not least
  • Lastly
  • Later
  • Meanwhile
  • Next
  • Second
  • Subsequently
  • Then
  • Third
  • To begin
  • To conclude
  • To start with
  • To summarize