100+ Common Question and Answers in English

Hello English learners, In this lesson, we are going to learn how to respond to an English common question.

English Question Answer

Here we have created a comprehensive list of English questions and answers. You can use it in your daily life English sentences.

common question and answers in english

Daily Use Spoken English Questions and Answers

  1. Who are you?
    • I am a Student.
    • I am a Businessman.
    • I am a Doctor.
    • I am a Painter.
    • I am a Psychiatrists.
  1. How are you?
    • Thank you for asking, I’m fine.
    • I’m doing really well, thank you!
    • I’ve never been better!
    • Fantastic!
    • Great!
  1. What’s your name?
    • My name is David.
    • I’m Lina.
  1. Where do you live?
    • I live in Australia.

Question and Answers For Students

  1. How are you, Students?
    • We are absolutely fine, teacher.
  1. Where are you going?
    • I am going to drink water.
    • I am going to the staffroom.
    • We are going to the playground for playing cricket.
  1. Why don’t you come yesterday?
    • I was sick yesterday, that’s why I was absent.
    • I missed my school bus so I was absent yesterday.
  1. When do you revise your lesson?
    • In the morning.
    • After school.
    • One day before the tests.
  1. The students who don’t complete the homework, tell me the reason?
    • Due to power failure, madam.
    • I forget about the homework.
  1. Who wants to participate in our Annual gathering function?
    • Yes teacher, me and my friends are participating to perform a dance at the Annual gathering.
  1. From where do you collect these books?
    • From the college library.
    • One of my friends gave me this book.
  1. What happened Ramesh?
    • Nothing teacher, just feeling uncomfortable.
  1. Had you asked for me, teacher?
    • Nope, I didn’t ask for you. Who told you that?
  1. May I come in teacher?
    • Yes, Please come in!

Question and Answers for Family

  1. What are you doing son?
    • Nothing dad, just completing my assignments and projects.
  1. Why aren’t you going outside for playing with your friends? 
    • My friends are going to their village to spend their vacation. No one is here to play with me.
    • Many of them are not feeling well, that’s why I am not going outside.
    • I want to watch a movie on Television, so I am not going out today.
  1. Is everything alright, Dad?
    • Yes Of course! My dear son. Everything is perfect.
  1. How are you, Uncle Johnson?
    • I am fine Wilson, How about you?
  1. What would you like to have?
    • It’s fine, just bring a glass of water for me.
    • No, no, it’s Okay! Thank you! I don’t want anything right now. I am in a hurry. 
  1. Do one thing son, go to the nearest grocery shop and bring some snacks for the guests?
    • Ok, mom! I am going to the shop right now.
    • But dad, I am getting late for my tuition. How can I?
  1. Where is your younger brother?
    • He is playing carrom with his friends in one of his friends’ house.
    • I don’t know where he is? Maybe he is going somewhere with his friends.
    • He is coming after me, maybe he is on the way.
  1. Which of these two dresses will suit me better?
    • The left one will suit you perfectly.
    • This red dress is a beautiful one to you. You will look gorgeous in this dress.
    • Why don’t you take both these dresses, both will look good on you.
  1. What’s the matter? Why are you shouting so much?
    • Nothing mom, I am just practicing my dialogues for tomorrow’s act.
    • I am not shouting, mother. My brother is shouting at me because I turned off the fan.
    • Mother, I saw a cockroach at the corner and threatened at that time.
  1. What is the menu for dinner today?
    • Nothing special dear. It will be as usual like you eat regularly.
    • I cooked a special dish for you all on today’s occasion, Paneer Tikka and Fried Dal Tadka with Chapattis and Jeera rice, salad on serving.

Question and Answers For Friends

  1. Hello friend! Glad to meet you after so long?
    • Hello friend! Glad to meet you too. Yes, it’s been so long.
    • Hello buddy, pleased to meet you and I am very happy to see you after a long time.
    • Hey dude, what’s up! Where have you been for so long? You’ve been changed so much.
  1. You have to come to our get-together party this Monday. I’ll send you the venue later.
    • Yes, Of course, buddy, I will be there on Monday.
    • No dude, I wanted to join you guys but it is very difficult to reach from Malaysia to there on Monday.
  1. We never forget our childhood memories, do we?
    • Absolutely, my dear friend, I too remember everything.
    • You’re right friend, it was a mind-blowing childhood. I wish I could live it once again.
  1. What do you think of yourself? Are you a genius?
    • Nope, I don’t want to be a genius I am better as a simple man.
    • Yes, dude! How do you recognize that I am a genius?
  1. Why are you getting angry with me? Stay calm.
    • I am alright and I am not getting angry with you. I am just telling you about the situation.
    • What nonsense? Why do I get angry with you? I am absolutely fine.
  1. How do you earn such money very early?
    • Friend, I am doing business with my foreign clients.
    • Okay, I have started a new business of tours and travels last year and it works.
  1. Today, Raghav will prepare tea for all of us?
    • I don’t know how to prepare tea? I will bring water for all of you.
    • Yes of course, why not? I will prepare tea for all of you within a few minutes.
    • Yes, I will make a tea for you all, but you guys have to drink it all without wasting it.
  1. What are you doing here?
    • I am living here for the last twelve years.
    • I am going to the hospital for a little surgery. That’s why I am here and I am here for 3 days more.
    • I’ve come here to meet my Cousin who lives here. What about you?
  1. Pass me that book placed near you.
    • Why would I pass this book? If you want this, then come and take it from here.
    • Nope, I am not going to pass any book to you. Better come and take it by yourself.
    • Yeah sure, take it. By the way, what will you do with this book?
  1. Hey buddy! Why don’t you contact me in between these years?
    • I tried a lot to contact you dude, but in a tragedy, I’ve lost my cellphone and all my contacts had vanished.

Question and Answers For Colleague

  1. Hello friend, Good morning. How are you?
    • Hi buddy, Good morning. I am absolutely fine How about you?
  1. Have you completed the presentation?
    • Nope, I forget to complete it.
    • Yes, I had completed it yesterday.
    • Yes, I am ready with my presentation and also I am ready to give the presentation.
  1. John, come to my cabin after lunch.
    • Sure sir, I will be there after lunch.
  1. Samuel, are you alright? I think you need a short break from work?
    • No sir, I am perfectly alright. I am good to continue my work.
    • Yes, sir, I need a short break. I am feeling disturbed for the past few days.
  1. Call Vitthal and ask him to submit a report on this new project.
    • Yes sir, I am here and I will submit the report on the new project at the end of the day.
  1. As we have successfully completed ten years of excellence in this field. So our company will be throwing a party tomorrow and you all have to come there.
    • Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations to all of you. We will rock tomorrow at the party.
  1. I want a half-day leave today after 2.00 Pm, will you please allow me to go?
    • Ok, but finish the task before the time and submit it to me. Then only you can go.
  1. Remember, our colleague Suresh, do you know that he proposed his project partner today?
    • Nope, I don’t know anything about this matter?
    • Yes, yes. I too heard about this matter, is she accepted or slapped on his face?
  1. Have you completed your work?
    • Yes, I have completed my work and also I have mailed it to my boss.
    • No boss, I am working on it and I am about to finish it very soon.
  1. Why is she not come today to the office?
    • She is not feeling well today, that’s why she is not able to come today.
    • She went outside with her parents so she is unable to come to work.