List of Interjections

An Interjection is a word used to express enthusiasm, disgust, excitement, joy, sorrow, and other expressions. It does not express any particular emotional attachment, sensitivities, etc.

In any sentence, interjections do not require any grammatical adjustments to fit in.

 list of interjection

Normally, it starts with a capital letter and an exclamation sign along with it. It can stand alone in a sentence without the support of any other word.

If any other word from part of speech like an adverb, adjective, noun, pronoun is also functioning like an interjection if they come along with an exclamation mark.

List of Common Interjections with Examples

  1. Ah: Ah! I got my first salary.
  2. Alas: Alas! His grandfather is no more.
  3. Phew: Phew! You’re so glad that you don’t have to go on the stage.
  4. Humph: Humph! She spends a lot of time here. 
  5. Yummy: Umm, Yummy! the dish was so delicious
  6. Hello: hello sir! What would you like to have?
  7. Hi: HI! how are you now?
  8. Hey: Hey Sammy! Please tell me where my new Cabin was?
  9. Wow: Wow! Look at that supercar.
  10. Hurray: Hurray! We won the tag-team championship.
  11. Hurrah: Hurrah! We have won the game.
  12. Congratulations: Congratulations, your wife has become the champion.
  13. Oh, God: Oh God!, Again we missed the chance.
  14. Surprise: Surprise! I have bought something for you. 
  15. Look: Look! I’m so tired today, and I won’t come anywhere with you.
  16. Shh: Shh! keep the mouth shut.
  17. Behold: Behold! I saw something there in the corner.
  18. Hush: Hush, Robin! Warned Smith.
  19. Yoo-hoo: Yoo-hoo! Is anyone here?
  20. Bravo: Bravo! I spelled that correctly.
  21. Well done: Well Done! All of you have done a very nice job.
  22. Brilliant: You’re so brilliant! I Appreciate it.
  23. WhatWhat! I heard this the first time.
  24. OhOh, what a wonderful movie!
  25. YikesYikes! Her face is so terrible after the acid attack.
  26. OuchOuch! It’s hurting a lot.
  27. OopsOops! Sorry. It was my fault.
  28. Help: Help! I’m in big trouble.
  29. Oh, Dear: Oh, Dear! Why don’t you go and sleep for some time?
  30. Damm it: Damm it! Again this wheel is punctured.
  31. Hmm: Hmm! That’s quite impressive.
  32. Okay: Okay! Leave it on me; I will do it.
  33. Aww: Aww! This baby is so cute to see.
  34. Hush: Hush! Now try to sleep faster.
  35. GoodBye: See you tomorrow. Goodbye Jane!
  36. Cheers: Come, let’s celebrate. Cheers!
  37. Good morning: Good morning, Merlin! What are you doing here this time?
  38. Ha: Ha! What a pleasant surprise.
  39. Listen: Listen! I have to announce something special tonight.
  40. Yes: Yes! You are right.