Forest Animals: List of Forest Animals Name with Images

Forest Animals! In this post today we will see the list of the animal names that live in the forest. It is important for us to know forest animals with the help of which we can recognize animals.

Forest Animals

Forest animals are very important to our lives and the earth. You can find many types of animals in the forest. Some animals live in trees and some animals live in the ground. Generally, forest wild animals eat grass, leaves, and fruits and some animals eat the meat of other animals.

forest animals

Types of Forest Animals 

  1. Mammals: Lion, Hyna, Elephant
  2. Birds: Crow, Eagle, Parrot
  3. Reptiles: Lizard, Snake, Crocodile
  4. Amphibians: Frog, Salamander
  5. Invertebrates: crabs, spiders, earthworms
  6. Fish: Blue, Moby, Bubba.

List of Forest Animals

  1. African elephant
  2. Alligator
  3. Antelope
  4. Arctic wolf
  5. Badger
  6. Bald eagle
  7. Bat
  8. Bear
  9. Bengal tiger
  10. Blue whale
  11. Camel
  12. Chimpanzee
  13. Coyote
  14. Crab
  15. Crocodile
  16. Deer
  17. Elephant
  18. Elk
  19. Fox
  20. Frog
  21. Giraffe
  22. Gorilla
  23. Great horned owl
  24. Hare
  25. Hedgehog
  26. Hippopotamus
  27. Hornbill
  28. Howler monkey
  29. Hyena
  30. Jackal
  31. Kangaroo
  32. Koala
  33. Leopard
  34. Lion
  35. Lizard
  36. Lynxes
  37. Marten
  38. Mole
  39. Monkey
  40. Okapi
  41. Orangutan
  42. Otter
  43. Owl
  44. Panda
  45. Puma
  46. Rabbit
  47. Raccoon
  48. Rat
  49. Red dear
  50. Red squirrel
  51. Reindeer
  52. Rhinoceros
  53. Snake
  54. Squirrel
  55. Squirrel monkey
  56. Tiger
  57. Toad
  58. Walrus
  59. Wild boar
  60. Wolf
  61. Woodpecker
  62. Zebra

List of Forest Animals in Sentences

  1. Crocodiles:
    There were many crocodiles in a big river.
  2. Bats:
    As night falls, bats start flying in the sky.
  3. Bear:
    A massive bear was coming towards our house.
  4. Blue Whale:
    How beautiful is a giant blue whale?
  5. Crab:
    A tiny crab was biting my hand.
  6. Fox:
    The fox hunted the rabbit with his cleverness.
  7. Gorilla:
    How dreadful does a black gorilla look?
  8. Hippopotamus:
    When a hippopotamus gets angry, he doesn’t listen to anyone else.
  9. Kangaroo:
    Kangaroo holds its baby in its belly bag.
  10. Leopard:
    Leopard is the fastest-running animal in the world.
  11. Monkey:
    Many monkeys were jumping in the forest.
  12. Rabbit:
    How attractive was a white-colored rabbit?
  13. Snake:
    A giant snake was sitting on the coil.
  14. Tiger:
    Tiger is running after deer.
  15. Woodpecker:
    The woodpecker was building a nest in the tree for its young.

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