Different ways to say Hello

We always greet someone or the next person to whom we meet by saying hello, wishing them good luck or good morning, or good day respectively. 

Ways to say ‘Hello’

It is exciting to know that there are various ways of saying ‘hello’ to someone with a kind heart and a smile.

Below, a list is given that includes the formal and informal ways to say hello to the person whom we meet.

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Different Ways to Say Hello

  1. How are you?
  2. Good afternoon
  3. How’s everyone?
  4. Good evening 
  5. Good morning
  6. It’s a pleasure to meet you
  7. It’s good to see you!
  8. Good afternoon, sir, how are you today?
  9. Good day
  10. Nice to see you
  11. Welcome
  12. Good day to you
  13. Good to see you
  14. Greeting!
  15. Greetings and salutations!
  16. Hello!
  17. How are you?
  18. It’s nice meeting you.
  19. Nice to meet you!
  20. What’s happening?

Casual/Informal ways to say ‘Hello’

  1. Doing ok?
  2. Is everything ok?
  3. G’day 
  4. Good afternoon
  5. Good dawning my lady
  6. Good evening 
  7. Good morning
  8. Good to see you
  9. Great to see you
  10. Greeting!
  11. Hello 
  12. Hey
  13. Hey bro!
  14. Hey buddy!
  15. Hey dude!
  16. Hey girl!
  17. Hey man!
  18. Hey there!
  19. Hey!
  20. Hey! There she/he is
  21. Hey, what’s up?
  22. Hi
  23. Hi there!
  24. How are things going?
  25. How are things with you?
  26. How are you doing today?
  27. How are you feeling today?
  28. How are you holding up?
  29. How are you?
  30. How fare you, lad?
  31. How have you been?
  32. How’s everyone doing?
  33. How’s everyone?
  34. How’s everything?
  35. How’s it going?
  36. Howdy!
  37. It’s a pleasure to meet you
  38. It’s good to see you
  39. It’s nice to meet you
  40. Long time no see
  41. Look who it is!
  42. Nice to meet you!
  43. Nice to see you
  44. Nice to see you again.
  45. Oh no, look who it is!
  46. Oh, look out!
  47. Peace be with you
  48. Sup?
  49. Welcome
  50. What’s going on?
  51. What’s happening?
  52. What’s new?
  53. What’s shaking?
  54. What’s up?
  55. Yo!

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