100+ Two Letter Words | 2 Letter Scrabble Words

Hello guys, How are you? Are you searching for the two letter words? Do you know that there are over a hundred two-letter words? Here we have a huge collection of two letter words for scrabble. It is helpful to improve your vocabulary.

2 two letter words

List of Two Letter Words

Sr No2 Letter WordsMeaning
1aalava that has a rough surface
2ababdominal muscle
5agan agriculture
6ahexclamation of pain
7aithe three-toed sloth
8alEast Indian tree
9amthe present tense of be
10anindefinite article
11asto the same degree
12atused to indicate a point
13awexpress protest, disbelief
14axan instrument with a bladed head
15aydifferent spelling of aye
16baEgyptian Religion.
17beto exist or live
20bynear to or next to
21daperson’s father
22doto perform action
24ehexpressing surprise
25elelevated railroad
26emthe letter M, m.
27enthe letter N, n.
28errepresent a pause, hesitation
29etpast tense of eat.
30exa former spouse or partner
31gaa Kwa language of Ghana
32gia lightweight
33goto move or proceed
34haexclamation of surprise
35herepresent male person
36hiused as an exclamation of greeting
37housed as a call to attract attention
38idpart of the psyche
39ifused to introduce
41ispresent tense of be
42ita thing
43jodarling; sweetheart.
44kaa spiritual entity
45kia plant of the lily family
46laa tone of the scale
47liChinese unit of distance
48loto call attention
50meThe objective case of I
51mithird tone of a diatonic scale.
52moa moment
53mua Greek letter
54myme or myself 
55nodisagree reply
56nua Greek letter
57oba type of gene
58oda hypothetical force
59ofconnected with
60ohfor emphasizing
61okall right
62oma mantra
63onsupported by
64opa style of abstract art
65orpossibilities or choices
66osa bone
67owA sudden feeling of pain
68oxa male cow
71pisixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet
72poa chamber pot
73qithe circulating life force, in Chinese philosophy
74rachemical element radium.
75rea musical note
76sea Chinese musical instrument
77soto such a great extent.
78tathank you.
79tea musical note
80toexpressing emotion
81uhexpress hesitation.
82umpause in speech.
83uptowards a higher place
84usrefer to himself
85waa member of a hill
86weto refer to himself or herself
87wua dialect of Chinese spoken
88xia Greek letter
89xua monetary unit of Vietnam
92yoused as a greeting

Common Two Letter Words

Sr No2 Letter WordsMeaning
1anindefinite article
2asto the same degree
3atused to indicate a point
4beto exist or live
6bynear to or next to
7doto perform action
8exa former spouse or partner
9go to move or proceed
10herepresent male person
11hiused as an exclamation of greeting
12if within
13in used to introduce
14ispresent tense of be
15ita thing
16meThe objective case of I
17myme or myself 
18nodisagree reply
19ofconnected with
20okall right
21onsupported by
22orpossibilities or choices
23soto such a great extent.
24toexpressing emotion
25umpause in speech.
26uptowards a higher place
27usrefer to himself
28weto refer to himself or herself

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