30+ Animals that Start with Y | Animals beginning with Y

Are you looking for different Animals that start with Y? See here, we have prepared an alphabetical list of animals name beginning with the letter Y. These animals can be found by land, air, or sea.

Animals that start with Y

The Common animals that start with the letter Y are yabby, yak, yakutian laika, yellowhammer, yearling, yellow baboon, yellowjacket, yearling, and yellowjacket. In this post, we have covered more than fifty animals that begin with Y. Y is the twenty-five letter in the Modern English alphabet.

animals that start with y

Animals Beginning with Y

  1. Yabby
  2. Yacare Caiman
  3. Yak
  4. Yakutian Laika
  5. Yearling
  6. Yellow Baboon
  7. Yellow ground squirrel
  8. Yellow Mongoose
  9. Yellow Sac Spider
  10. Yellow-backed duiker
  11. Yellow-bellied marmot
  12. Yellow-bellied weasel
  13. Yellow-billed Hornbill
  14. Yellow-eyed penguin
  15. Yellowfin Tuna
  16. Yellow-footed antechinus
  17. Yellow-footed rock wallaby
  18. Yellowhammer
  19. Yellowjacket
  20. Yellow-necked field mouse
  21. Yellow-nosed cotton rat
  22. Yellow-pine chipmunk
  23. Yellow-throated marten
  24. Yellow-winged bat
  25. Yeti Crab
  26. Yoranian
  27. Yorkie Bichon
  28. Yorkie-poo
  29. Yorkshire Terrier
  30. Yucatan Squirrel
  31. Yuma Myotis

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